Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Exploring Cricut Daily Project

Happy Wednesday.

Today's project was for my peep. She has not been feeling well. I was going to go over and visit her and bring her some flowers. All of a sudden it hit me, I am a paper crafter, I can make her some flowers! :)

I used the cartridge Lacy Labels. Unfortunately when I had this brilliant idea, I did not have any pretty wooden dowels around the house. So quickily I needed another brilliant idea....straws! :) My kids have lots of straws. Actually I think it worked out better because I put them on the bendy ones and was able to move the flowers around as I wanted them.

I used the Cornies faces from PK. I did some inking and doodeling. I took the picture quick, as usual. :) So excuese all the wood in the background. I did not realize it was there when I took the picture. My husband has become a wood ho since the snow storm in October. :)


Lisa said...

My lovely flowers make me smile today just as they did when you gave them to me. Almost worth being sick to receive just flowering beauties. :)

Emily said...

Oh my goodness! I absolutely love this!!! These flowers are super cute and the best part you don't have to worry about them dying. Thanks for sharing this super idea Diana!!!

Bex said...

What a cute idea.
I like the colors you used;0)


Diane said...

I just love those flowers and getting these will make anyone feel great! Great job

Sharon said...

These are the best kind of flowers!!! I love them!! And those toothy smiles are just adorable!! :)

Denni said...

What an AMAZING pile of wood! Oops, I mean AMAZING vase of flowers!! LOL!

These are really too stinkin funny-adorable-cute!