Saturday, March 12, 2011

More misc cards

Just some more recent cards I had done before the blog. Sorry for the shadow! ;)

Misc cards

Here are some recent cards I have done. I made them before I had my blog so wanted to add them in here. :) Enjoy!

Card for principal

DD went to her kindergarten registration this week. Due to where we live and the bus schedule, found out that she will probably be put in an afternoon class. Due to work I need her to be in the morning. I was told I could write a letter to the principal and request this. I wanted the request and card to be memorable! I hope she can remember this card! :)
Paper from SU and Michaels
Cricut Cuts - Pencil from Locker Talk
Tags - Gypsy Wanderings
Letters - Cuttin Up
Liquid Glass on eraser and pencil tip - CTMH
Peachy Keen Stamp - Happy Lashes
Waxy Floss - CTMH
chalk, black and white doodeling


Here is a card I did at a crop last weekend. This was one of my Cricut Card Fairy cards. I enjoyed doing this card. It is for a woman who turns 99! Bless her little heart. :) I put it on a action wobble. I thought she would get a kick out of that!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Twinkle Toes

When Twinkle Toes first came out I had no desire for it. Never thought I would use it. And then one of my favorite bloggers started using it all the time with Peachy Keen Stamps so then of course I had to have it. :)

DH went to Walmart today and asked if I needed anything. Hmmmm? Can you pick me up Twinkle Toes? Yup, I got the look. I showed him exactly what it was so he did not have to ask for it! LOL! I already made one cut for my DD as practice. I think I am going to like this cart, especially with an action wobble!

Sympathy Card

Here is a card I did for DH friend's wife who just lost her mother. I always have such a hard time with sympathy cards, but who doesn't. I tend to use this one cut for most sympathy cards I do.

Dustin Spring Challenge

Well my first post on my new blog. I think Dustin's challenge finally pushed me over the edge. And my peep Denise! :)

I created this card with the meterological spring in mind, March 1. I know it is not all flowers, but we don't have flowers here in CT yet and won't for a while. All we have is melting snow. And we got hammered this year with record snow falls. So righ now, this is Spring to me.