Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ladybug Birthday

What a good feeling, the last few days I have had my creating groove! I am hoping this does not end for a while. :)

Made this same card for my boss's 6yr old granddaughter and my peep's mom's birthday. My peep always says when you make a card, make two of them, so I did. :) Just don't tell them they are getting the same card. The only thing different I did on the 6 yr old card was put a bobble head on for the head. Thought she would like that. :)

Sorry the picture is a little blurry, I was in a rush this morning.

Ladybug: All layers from Create a Critter

Paper: All SU

Twine: From the Twinery

Stamp: PK Princess Faces and Happy Birthday stamp on the inside from Emma

Chalk, doodling and stickles


Denni said...

Thanks for reminding me, and OH RATS!! Looks like I will need to make ANOTHER belated birthday card this month...

This is so stinkin ca-ute!!!! And I bet the bobbly one would have been a hoot for MomE too! LOL!

Keep that groove goin girl!

Lisa said...

What a smart peep you have! ;) This card was so stinking cute. MomE brought it over to show me during her birthday dinner. She loved it. :)