Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Exploring Cricut Daily Challenge

Happy Wednesday!

Sorry I am so late on posting today!  I am here now though!  ;)

Today's card was made for the mother of the little boy who was killed in an awful accident back in April.   It was her 40th birthday recently and I wanted to make her a special card.  The night of Jeffrey's memorial service for the town there was an awful rainstorm and out of it came the most beautifully stunning double rainbow!  I can never remember seeing any other rainbow so brilliantly bright.  Everything now associated with him deals with Rainbows.  So of course I needed to make her a rainbow card with her angel looking down on her for her birthday.

I used Hello Kitty for the cut.  I pop dotted an extra layer of all the cuts to give it more dimension.
Sentiment: Emma
Face Stamp:  Boy faces from PK 


Sharon said...

What a fantasticly adorable card!! I love the darling face!! :)

Annette said...

This is so sweet! Love it!
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