Monday, September 17, 2012

A - U - N - T

Happy Monday! I hope everyone was crafty this weekend, because I wasn't! ;) It was too nice here this weekend and I spend some time outside with my kids, cleaned my store room, and went to two festivals. ;)

I made this for my aunt a few weeks ago. The idea came from Pinterest, another project checked off the Pinterest list! I bought the cardboard letters at Joanns. All the pictures were printed on computer paper at work so they are easier to mold, especially around corners. A few of the pictures are duplicated but I don't think my aunt really minded! I glued them all down with modge podge (I now love that stuff, never used it before) and then brushed another coat to seal it all in. Took some time, but it was totally worth it!


Denni said...

Oh I'm certain she wouldn't mind duplicates - those two little punkins of yours are so adorable!!

Those came out awesome peep!!

Lisa said...

What an adorable gift for Aunt B!