Friday, January 27, 2012

Today's card was slightly scraplifted. :) I was making cards last weekend and could not think of anything. So for inspiration I had gone to Emma's blog ( I was determined to use the 100% sweetness stamp set. But in looking for inspiration I saw a card that Emma made around Christmas with this layout. So I decided to, ahem, scraplift the design and use it for Valentines Day. :)

I know a lot of people always say this, but the card does look better in person. I inked the whole card with pink and then outlined with red. In person, it looks more blended. In this picture the colors stand out more and look more blotchy.

Paper: Walmart card stock

Ink: Pink and Red (not sure of exact colors) from SU

Dotted Outline: Small Talk from MCTFM

LOVE, Heart and stamp on Heart: 100 % Sweetness from MCTFM


L.B. said...

Great work. Isn't scraplifting fun.

Lisa said...

Lurve this!

Denni said...

It's not scraplifting if you refer to it as "inspiration", lol!