Monday, October 1, 2012

Teddy Bear Thanks

Happy Monday! 

Today's card was made for a guy at work whose girlfriend just had a baby.  He wanted me to make thank you cards.  Woo Hoo, my first paying job for my cards.  ;)   It took a few weeks to get these done for him because I needed to use the new Teddy Bear Parade.  Since it took a while to get this cartridge sinced on the Gypsy, I was lost!!  I just can't use my Expression without my gypsy, I love that little girl!  ;)  So now that the update came out I was able to finally make the card.  I have already made three cuts from this cartridge (one card will be posted on Wednesday and I made the bride for my daughter to play with).  I just adore this cartridge and so glad I got it.  

Cart:  Teddy Bear Parade and Elegant Edges
Paper:  Noah's Ark pad and Recollections
Eyes:  PK Critter Medium
Sentiment stamp:  Emma 


Creative M said...

Too Cute!too Cute!!ADORABLE!!TFS

Lisa said...

What an adorable card. :) Guess you can keep that cartridge under the six months usage rule. ;)

teddy bear said...

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