Friday, November 4, 2011

Winter Storm Alfred

Hello All, just wanted you to know I have not forgotten about you. I was one of the very lucky 800,000+ in CT to loose power due to the winter storm that hit New England last weekend.

We had no power for 4 days. Luckily we had a generator and wood stove. The nights have been pretty cold and we kept the stove nice and full. Still had tvs and did not lose any food thanks to the generator. We are still without internet access (I am typing this from work...shhhhh!) and phone service, but since some people still have no power, I am not complaining!

There was so much devestation around. I am hoping to go around this weekend and take some pictures. It is just incredible to drive around and just see so many large trees broken like twigs.

Learned a few things during the storm

1. Thanks to my peep, I can cook grilled cheese and soup on the gas grill!
2. If you heat 2 large pots water on a wood stove, it should be enough for a quick bath.
3. So thankful that my DH put in a wood stove
4. So thankful that my DH has a generator
5. To check the kids lights during the day to make sure they are off! :)
6. You can put ground turkey and manwich sauce in the crock pot all day and it turns out pretty good.

I have gotten some projects ready to cut on my gypsy so hopefully I will be back very soon. Got to do a few things I could not do during the outage, like laundry. But honestly, which is more fun, crafting or laundry! :) LOL!


Denni said...

Oh crafty peep I love you!!! ROFL!!! I was snort laughing reading your lessons learned!

I'm sooo glad my peeps have their lights back on, but good golly girl - your versions of "no power" are just simply not the same as mine (read that sentence with an accent of green with envy! LOL!)

Welcome back!!

Now get that internet back up!

Tracey said...

I'm in CT also and spent 5 days without electricity, heat, internet and phone. I still have no phone which I'm actually not minding all that much.(But I'm telling anyone that, SHHH!!) Catching up around here as well. Glad you made out ok and have power now. Can't wait to see what you've created.

Lisa said...

Power restored, clean up completed, let's hope we don't have to experience that again this winter.